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Meet the Younix Airplus Cycle, the comfortable bike for the spinning enthusiast. This Cycle is very similar to a spin bike, making it versatile in use. Do a short HIIT session or bike for an extended period of time and use the console with heart rate control to monitor your training.

Smoother, more comfortable cycling experience
The Younix Air Cycle uses double Polygroove belts with self-tensioning system. The belt-driven cycle provides a smooth and quiet cycling experience. The FreeWheel design improves training and gives a real racing bike experience.

A typical 'spinning' bike has a fixed-gear attachment to the flywheel. This means that the pedals are directly connected to the flywheel, this allows the rider to move the wheel immediately and the momentum of the flywheel helps the athlete move his feet around with the flywheel. This reduces the effectiveness of training. With the Younix Airplus Cycle, the user experiences a FreeWheel design. This means that when the cyclist stops pedaling, the flywheel continues to rotate. This improves the safety of the cyclist and forces him to use all the muscles in the legs to move the flywheel around, just like a real racing bike.

The Younix AirPlus cycle has a clear LCD display. The only air and magnetic resistance machine whose damping level and magnetic level are displayed directly on the console. The display shows the AirPlus resistance level, time, distance, calories, RPM, wattage, speed and heart rate at all times, along with calories per hour when changing modes. The console is equipped with Smart Connect (Bluetooth and ANT +).

With the flywheel Freewheel design, the rider at all times control the intensity. The damper allows the athlete to adjust the amount of airflow on the left side of the flywheel during their ride, which can increase or decrease the intensity. This can be seen on the console.
Increase power and simulated slope by also adjusting the AirPlus (magnetic) resistance. On the right side of the flywheel, the athlete can pull and adjust the AirPlus knob between 1-8 levels to increase resistance.
When only the air resistance is used, the cyclist can simulate a slope between 0-15 degrees, when the magnetic resistance is also switched on, this increases to 35 degrees.

Younix AirPlus Cycles are built to be durable and robust. The 57kg steel frame provides a stable base for users up to 158kg.

Younix AirPlus Cycles require minimal mounting. A package contains all necessary tools, hardware and clear, illustrated instructions.

  • AirPlus (air + magnetic resistance)
  • 57kg steel heavy duty frame
  • Self-generating ability
  • FreeWheel design. The flywheel spins when you stop cycling
  • Equipped with 2 transport wheels

  • HIIT console with clear LCD screen
  • Color coded progress circle, Wattage output and heart rate zone
  • Including Smart Connect (Bluetooth and ANT +)
  • Ability to see the air resistance level on the console
  • Simply read the resistance of air plus magnetic levels, time, distance, calories, RPM, wattage, speed and heart rate

The easy-to-use console has Smart Connect features that allow users to connect the console to various apps.

  • Handlebar height adjustable in 30 levels
  • Handlebar is adjustable from front to back in different positions
  • Console angle is adjustable in 270 degrees
  • Seat post height adjustable in 30 levels
  • Saddle angle is adjustable in 30 degrees
  • Includes metal pedal with foot pads for extra support

5 year warranty on the frame and 2 year warranty on non-wear parts

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