NASM Physique and Bodybuilding Coach (NASM-PBC)

NASM Physique and Bodybuilding Coach (NASM-PBC)

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Course Delivery

Step 1 - Completion of 60+ hours of high end videos, slides, quizzes, podcasts and interactive learning activities.
Step 2 - Attendance to the 2 Day Practical Workshop
Step 3 - Successful completion of Online Theory exam.

What You’ll Learn

The all new NASM Physique and Bodybuilding Coach specialization (NASM-PBC) will deliver your next step in fitness programming knowledge to meet the needs of bodybuilding and physique clients. The curriculum takes a comprehensive approach to physique programming, covering everything from weight training, nutrition, and supplementation techniques for physique athletes and fitness enthusiasts of all levels and experiences.

The NASM-PBC takes the guesswork out of training for physique goals. Through expert insight and detailed resources, you can help clients break through all the misinformation and noise of physique training seen on social media and the internet. You’ll tap into well-rounded programming that gives you the inspiration, insight, and methods to successfully reach your goals or coach clients toward their aesthetic aspirations.

Master the art and science of coaching physique and bodybuilding athletes. Become the expert your clients turn to for all their body transformation needs.



There are no prerequisites for the Physique and Bodybuilding Coach Specialization. A fitness credential or a bachelor’s degree could be helpful. This specialization is intended for fitness professionals, bodybuilding and physique competitors and fitness enthusiasts.

    Section 1: Introduction to Physique and Bodybuilding Coach
    Chapter 1: Welcome
    Chapter 2: Introduction to Physique Enhancement

    Section 2: Physiology, Anatomy, and Biomechanics of Physique Enhancement
    Chapter 3: Fundamentals of Anatomy, Physiology, and Biomechanics
    Chapter 4: Essentials of Metabolism, Energy Balance, and Fat Loss
    Chapter 5: Mechanisms of Muscle Hypertrophy

    Section 3: Nutrition Principles
    Chapter 6: Macronutrients
    Chapter 7: Micronutrients and Hydration
    Chapter 8: Supplementation
    Chapter 9: Performance Enhancing Drugs (PEDs)

    Section 4: Body Aesthetics, Fitness, and Nutrition Assessments
    Chapter 10: Fitness and Body Aesthetics Assessments
    Chapter 11: Nutrition Assessment

    Section 5: Exercise Training Principles
    Chapter 12: Warm-up, Recovery, and Injury Prevention
    Chapter 13: Resistance and Core Training
    Chapter 14: Cardiorespiratory Training and Non-Exercise Physical Activity

    Section 6: Programming and Coaching Principles
    Chapter 15: Coaching Principles
    Chapter 16: Exercise Programming
    Chapter 17: Nutrition Programming
    Chapter 18: Peaking for Competition or Personal Goals
    Chapter 19: Physique Transformation Sustainability

    Bonus Programming Manuals
    Exercise Programming Manual:
    Access canned assessment templates, handouts, and exercise programs, including assessment forms, corrective exercise warm-up programs, and exercise programs for four phases of the OPT™ Model.

    Nutrition Programming Manual: Access canned meal plans, including meal plans for various divisions (bikini, bodybuilding, physique) and goals (bulk, cut) from real life examples.

    At MeFitPro we are dedicated to providing outstanding education & training courses. We are an internationally recognised education & training provider for fitness professionals, accredited by REPs UAE with international portability through ICREPS, EREPS (Europe Active), CIMSPA UK, US and Canada which will enable our students to work anywhere in the world. Established in 2003, MeFitPro is a fitness industry leader in Middle East & we are proud to provide education & training courses in the following locations:

    • United Arab Emirates: Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Sharjah & Ras Al-Khaimah
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    • Lebanon
    • Oman
    • Qatar

    It has been an honour to be recognised for our commitment to education & we have received several awards which has included: 

    2023 UAE Fitness Event of the Year Award (Reps & Dubai Sports Council)
    2020 UAE Youth Sports & Fitness Awards
    2019/20 Fitness Training Provider of The Year
    2018 Best Fitness Facility – Men’s Health & Women’s Health Magazine at the 2018 Fit Awards
    2018 Best Fitness Event – Men’s Health & Women’s Health Magazine at the 2018 Fit Awards
    2018 Best Sports/Fitness Event – at the 2019 UAE Teen Sports and Fitness Awards

    In 2003 we founded “MEFIT” the region’s largest annual Health & Fitness event. “MEFIT” is an event which showcases the latest in product innovation within the industry. Fitness industry experts from around the world provide the latest education to Personal Trainers, Group Fitness Instructors, Club Management Leaders and Pro-Consumers. We also launched the “MEFIT Teen Summit” in 2016, which attracted over 900+ teenagers from both local and international schools in the UAE, with the aim to educate and inspire health & Fitness amongst teenagers in the region. “MEFIT Teen Summit” was recognized as ‘Best Sports/Fitness Event’ at the 2019 UAE Teen Sports and Fitness Awards. In 2019 MEFIT was also launched in Egypt with huge success and we continue to grow this event around the region.