NASM Certificate in Strength and Conditioning

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The NASM Certificate in Strength and Conditioning helps coaches increase their value and confidence by teaching the application of the latest science in athlete performance.

  • Learn the most effective methods to train athletes at all levels, from recreational to elite, and everywhere in between

  • Explore strategies to enhance injury resistance plus psychological and nutritional concepts associated with peak performance

  • Improve your coaching abilities and programming skills quickly and effectively

Program Details :

In the NASM Certificate in Strength and Conditioning, you’ll learn the latest and most advanced–principles and concepts in strength and conditioning, exercise physiology, injury resistance, training program design, coaching and communication, sports nutrition, psychology in sports performance, and so much more. You’ll come out of this program supercharged with the tools and strategies you need to deliver superior results and train athletes of all ages and levels to perform at their best.

  • The most comprehensive resource on integrated training for sports performance using the scientifically-backed Optimum Performance Training® (OPT™) model

  • Content authored and peer-reviewed by world-renowned industry leaders

  • Multimedia course delivery in an immersive, state-of-the-art digital learning platform to meet multiple learning styles

  •  Self-paced online format means you can raise your game from anywhere in as few as 4 weeks

  •  CEU Value: 1.9 NASM

It’s not required, but we recommend having at least one of these credentials before you pursue this specialization:
• International Certified Personal Trainer (ICPT)
• Certified Sports Nutrition Coach
• Certified Athletic Training
• NCCA, NBFE or DETC Accredited Health/Fitness Certification, or a 4-year college degree in a similar field
• REPs Level 3 or higher for international trainers

This course is for you if you are a:
• Personal trainer who wants to help clients perform better
• Athletic trainer who wants to help athletes perform at a peak level
• Strength and conditioning coach who wants to gain a systematic approach to better performance
• Physical therapist who wants to understand how to better train and rehabilitate athletic patients
• Coach who would benefit from a deep understanding of performance enhancement to get the most out of your athletes
• Athlete or fitness enthusiast who wants to understand the keys to performance and use them to unlock your potential

Section 1: Coaching and Sport Psychology

Chapter 1: Introduction to the Performance Training Profession
Identify client types and apply ethical strategies for optimal results. Differentiate yourself and excel in the dynamic world of sports performance coaching.

Chapter 2: Coaching and Interpersonal Communication Skills
Develop your skills as an effective communicator and coach. Learn how to connect with athletes both personally and through movement, unlocking optimal performance.

Chapter 3: Psychology in Sports Performance
Discover powerful techniques for managing athlete anxiety and boosting confidence, essential for achieving their best in sports performance.

Section 2: Introduction to Sport Science

Chapter 4: Introduction to Integrated Performance Training
Uncover integrated performance training principles and the transformative OPT™ Model, gaining the edge as a coach by optimizing training programs to elevate athlete performance.

Chapter 5: Physiological Adaptations to Sports Performance Training
Learn to optimize conditioning and resistance training programs for improved athlete health, work capacity, and performance outcomes.

Chapter 6: Human Movement Science
Explore the fundamentals of human movement science and biomechanics. Understand key concepts to help transform how your clients perform, leading to enhanced training effectiveness and athlete success.

Section 3: Assessments, Testing, and Monitoring

Chapter 7: Athlete Intake, Needs Analysis, and Movement Assessments
This chapter equips you with skills to perform a thorough needs analysis, and conduct the most appropriate physiological, movement, and mobility assessments for your athletes.

Chapter 8: Sport Performance Testing and Evaluation
Expand your skills by focusing on advanced performance testing methods, enabling you to design tailored training programs as a Sports Performance Coach.

Section 4: Components of the Integrated Training Model

Chapter 9: Flexibility Concepts for Maximal Performance
In this chapter, you’ll learn how to address muscle imbalances and dynamic posture by incorporating flexibility concepts into training regimens as they relate to improving sports performance.

Chapter 10: Core Training Concepts for Maximal Performance
Discover core training concepts vital for sports performance, including the anatomy of the core and its integration for spinal health.

Chapter 11: Balance Training Concepts for Maximal Performance
Gain insights into balance training techniques and program design strategies, leveraging the crucial role of Postural Control Systems to enhance stability, neuromuscular coordination, and athletic performance.

Chapter 12: Reactive Strength and Plyometric Training Concepts for Maximal Performance
Understand reactive strength and plyometric training for peak sports performance and explore their physiological impact and performance-enhancing benefits.

Chapter 13: Speed, Agility, and Quickness Training Concepts for Maximal Performance
Explore SAQ training for enhanced sports performance, covering speed, agility, and quickness while emphasizing their role in postural control, injury prevention, and athlete recovery.

Chapter 14: Resistance Training Concepts for Maximal Performance
Learn resistance training's impact on sports performance, addressing barriers like negative beliefs and emphasizing various strength capacities, and their role in exercise techniques.

Chapter 15: Olympic Weightlifting for Maximal Performance
Integrate Olympic lifting for performance enhancement, covering its history, common lifts, and implementation strategies within the OPT™ Model.

Chapter 16: Energy Systems Training for Maximal Performance
Learn about energy systems training's impact on sports performance, providing a rationale, physiological overview, modalities, evidence, and optimal strategies.

Chapter 17: Recovery for Performance Enhancement
Understand rest and recovery's crucial role in enhancing sports performance, covering definitions, literature review, communication strategies, and implementation within the OPT™ Model.

Section 5: Program Design

Chapter 18: The Science of Biomotor Ability Development and Periodization
Gain comprehensive insights and strategies about periodization through targeted strength, speed, and endurance development, optimizing biomotor abilities and ensuring athletes achieve peak performance.

Chapter 19: Programming for Maximal Athletic Performance using NASMs Optimal Performance Training™ (OPT™) Model
The OPT™ Model guides you through programming for maximal athletic performance with a focus on acute training variables and integrated methodologies.

Chapter 20: Training for Injury Resistance and Return to Performance after Injury
Learn comprehensive strategies for injury resistance, athlete rehabilitation, and understanding key injury mechanisms to optimize athlete care and performance.

Chapter 21: Youth Training Principles and Long-Term Athlete Development
Maximize youth sports training by presenting evidence-based principles and the Long-Term Athlete Development (LTAD) model, highlighting key stages and addressing training gaps.

Section 6: Nutrition and Supplementation

Chapter 22: Performance Nutrition
Chapter 22 covers sports nutrition fundamentals, addressing the Sports Performance Coach's role in optimizing nutrition for athletic success, including energy intake, macronutrients, micronutrients, hydration, dietary assessments, and goal-oriented nutrition strategies.

Chapter 23: Supplementation and Ergogenic Aids
Get the basics of sport supplementation, including the uses, risks, and benefits of common supplements, emphasizing a food-first approach, crucial for Sports Performance Coaches addressing athletes' supplementation inquiries.

How the Specialization Works :

MEFITPRO and NASM’s blended learning program this Strength and Conditioning specialization the most comprehensive certification in the market.

To achieve this specialization, you simply have to:

  1. Register in the NASM Certificate Strength and Conditioning.

  2. Complete the self-guided online study materials in your own time from the comfort of home.

  3. Attend the 2-Day Live Workshop
  4. Submit your Periodized Atheltic Program Design based on the OPT™ Model
  5. Successfully Pass your Practical Exam
  6. Pass the online certification exam.

At MeFitPro we are dedicated to providing outstanding education & training courses. We are an internationally recognised education & training provider for fitness professionals, accredited by REPs UAE with international portability through ICREPS, EREPS (Europe Active), CIMSPA UK, US and Canada which will enable our students to work anywhere in the world. Established in 2003, MeFitPro is a fitness industry leader in Middle East & we are proud to provide education & training courses in the following locations:

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It has been an honour to be recognised for our commitment to education & we have received several awards which has included: 

2023 UAE Fitness Event of the Year Award (Reps & Dubai Sports Council)
2020 UAE Youth Sports & Fitness Awards
2019/20 Fitness Training Provider of The Year
2018 Best Fitness Facility – Men’s Health & Women’s Health Magazine at the 2018 Fit Awards
2018 Best Fitness Event – Men’s Health & Women’s Health Magazine at the 2018 Fit Awards
2018 Best Sports/Fitness Event – at the 2019 UAE Teen Sports and Fitness Awards

In 2003 we founded “MEFIT” the region’s largest annual Health & Fitness event. “MEFIT” is an event which showcases the latest in product innovation within the industry. Fitness industry experts from around the world provide the latest education to Personal Trainers, Group Fitness Instructors, Club Management Leaders and Pro-Consumers. We also launched the “MEFIT Teen Summit” in 2016, which attracted over 900+ teenagers from both local and international schools in the UAE, with the aim to educate and inspire health & Fitness amongst teenagers in the region. “MEFIT Teen Summit” was recognized as ‘Best Sports/Fitness Event’ at the 2019 UAE Teen Sports and Fitness Awards. In 2019 MEFIT was also launched in Egypt with huge success and we continue to grow this event around the region.