Gyms Of The Future 2021 & Beyond

By Greg Boucher, CEO MeFitPro

Fitness technology has been increasing rapidly since the world continues to go in and out of lockdown. It's no surprise that technology continues to find a way into people’s fitness routines as they try to stay on top of their fitness & wellness game.

The buzz words in the fitness industry Motivation, Wellness & Recovery come in all shapes but being able to track everything from sleep patterns, steps to calories burned and being mindful of what you are eating are all areas where technology is playing a part.

From Fitness apps to wearable technology, to digital fitness platforms and latest equipment with built in monitors, they are all on- trend in the fitness world, with new advances coming out every month. It's convenient, accessible and affordable for everyone. 

Gyms will need to partner with tech companies and suppliers and make these available to their members to help them build and grow a members' community, making these tech features available to their members whether attending the club or staying at home. Gyms of the future will be a hybrid of what you can do at home, as well as what you can do in the gym. The Key word is what continues to “motivate” you to stay on track with your fitness and wellness goals?

Fitness technology and access to online fitness apps has grown leaps and bounds within  our industry, and continues to push forward. Gym owners and operators need to harness these and shift where possible to maximize the offering to gym goers.

Here are 10 types of Fitness Technology that are enhancing wellness and trends that every fitness club must respond to and implement in one way or another:

  1. Home Gym equipment
  2. Online Coaching
  3. Virtual Reality
  4. Fitness Trackers
  5. Wellness apps
  6. Fitness apps
  7. Technology Built into exercise machines
  8. Wearable technology
  9. Meal apps built for your goal
  10. Gamification

Coaches and gyms must adopt a hybrid approach, as they need to focus on how to incorporate an array of these apps, equipment and new tech to motivate their members / community by tracking and monitoring their efforts.

Gyms of the future must think about the following;

  • Cater to your members wherever they are and build this community so they fall in love with what they do.
  • Create programming in-club and outside of the club that is world class and motivational. 
  • Bring the technology game and use data to help your members stay on track, reward them and learn about their fitness habits.
  • Give your members a world-class experience every time, anywhere and everywhere. 
  • Use technology to give the content and motivational aspirations that your members want to hear and see.