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About the PILOXING® Brand

We empower people to find, develop, and share their strength, for a healthier life for all

Who we are

Founded by former professional dancer and Pilates Master Viveca Jensen in 2009, Piloxing® is a women owned global fitness company based in Los Angeles, USA. At the headquarters, we have a bunch of people who run operations worldwide. Outside the headquarters, we have bigger bunch of Master Trainers who conduct the instructor trainings. And worldwide, we have a gigantic bunch of certified instructors who teach the classes that we offer through our programs.

What we believe

We believe that fitness should be accessible, affordable, convenient, fun, and free of pressure to perform. Therefore, we offer a variety of very different programs that have a couple of things in common - there are no prerequisites, and no demands. We believe that everyone should feel comfortable working out, whether it’s for health, fun, weight loss, or something else. We don’t care if you just started working out yesterday, or if you have the latest clothes - we just want you to show up as you are, in the way that you can, and have fun in a supportive environment where mental health is just as important as physical health.

What we offer

We focus on providing group fitness classes in four different programs through training and certifying instructors to teach classes worldwide, as well as offering digital classes for those who don’t have any classes in their area, or simply prefer to work out in the comfort of their own home at a time of their choice. We currently have instructors offering classes in most US states, and 92 countries worldwide. As we conduct hundreds of instructor workshops around the world yearly, the list of available classes, instructors, cities, and countries keeps expanding regularly.

Your Strength


 What is Piloxing?

We offer group classes in four different programs, which combine boxing, pilates, ballet, dance, and plyometrics. There is music, laughing, bonding, and of course a whole lot of sweating!

Piloxing® SSP

The groundbreaking original workout that put Piloxing® on the map worldwide. SSP, like all of our programs, is a fusion cardio workout. Combining boxing, pilates, and dance, this workout leaves your knees weak, but your pulse strong.

Piloxing® Barre

The ballet workout with the boxing component. It’s not your average barre workout, as we’ve added cardio and lots of arm work. Focusing on flexibility and muscle tone, our punched up Barre program is high-energy, yet low-impact.

Piloxing® Knockout

The full-body workout with the body as a weight. A favorite of people who like to work out every muscle in their body in one go, Knockout blends floor, standing, and jumping exercises to increase strength, stamina, and power.

The Mix by Piloxing®

The dynamic dance workout inspired by the legendary Los Angeles dance scene. While The Mix is cardio-heavy by nature, the sole focus is on having fun and being carefree. You don’t need perfect rhythm or moves, just a love of moving.

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