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First of all, welcome! Chances are you're here because you have pain that will not go away.Perhaps your problem is genetics, or you've abused your body in the past, or you have a diagnosis that doctors are unable to help you with, or you've had a sudden injury which was a traumatic event that occurred that caused all these problems to begin with. Whatever the reason is, your life is about to change for the better.
Meet Dr. Mike & Andrew
In 2013,co-founder and program creator Andrew Dettelbach suffered a massive disc herniation that left him disabled for 3 months. Although he was finally able to walk somewhat normally after painful rehab and lots of drugs, his lower back pain just would not go away. Time went on, and after a whole year of hearing from numerous physicians that the problem would require invasive surgery – which he did not want – Andrew decided it was time for a real solution.
At the time, Andrew was interning under Forever Fix founder and CEO Dr. Mike Wasilisin, DC at his chiropractic care clinic in California, after taking his Kinesiology classes at California State University. Over the course of 18 months, the two worked together on a rehabilitation program that would heal Andrew’s back, and through countless hours and plenty of trial and error, they finally succeeded with the endeavor.

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