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Holistic Performance Nutrition

The leading qualification in 'Carb-Appropriate' Nutrition concepts - in other words "finding carbohydrate intake to suit the individual, not high vs. low carb dogma!"

As one of the only qualifications teaching clinical applications for low-carb high-fat nutrition in addition to orthodox nutritional approaches since 1998, HPN courses offer graduate level certifications  for nutritionists, dietitians, sports coaches, strength coaches and personal trainers, CrossFit coaches or anyone with a passionate interest in performance nutrition.

HPN provides a mixed online and supported (via in-person workshops, and webinars) education program teaching basic and advanced performance nutrition science with a holistic, clinical nutrition focus and are taught by proven experts in research, education and clinical practice.

  • Learn the art and science of applying holistic, real-food based nutrition
  • Hear pragmatic advice to help you and your clients achieve superior results
  • Receive scientifically backed and evidence based nutrition and supplementation 
  • Blend the best of holistic and orthodox nutrition

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