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The Zuu

Zuu is the Worlds number 1 course in human movement and it's now available in the Middle East! Used in Elite sports, the armed forces and personal training to give that competitive edge our Zuu courses teach all aspects of human movement.

Zuu courses are educating professionals to:

  • Understand human movement in all aspects
  • Grasp the concepts of high intensity training
  • Understand progression and regression as it relates to high intensity training and -how to cater to your clients needs
  • Understand how to open lines of communication to create an inclusive culture
  • Understand how to use ZUU for small group PT sessions
  • Understand how to integrate ZUU into any training modality as a value add in a 1 on 1 session
  • Understand to use movement to create operational readiness or game specific conditioning
  • Exponentially increase your ability to motivate your clients, athletes, forces
  • Shift your thinking in the way your body is designed to move and more

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