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It's not what you know, it's what you can coach that counts. Improve your training with TRX education courses. TRX Education is a movement-based training curriculum that provides fitness professionals with a progressive approach to learning our system of Foundational Movement Coaching.

Our courses progress from practicing foundational movement standards with the TRX Suspension Trainer, to developing your skills and integrating multiple training tools with individuals or groups. Altogether our progressive, movement-based training curriculum enables you to Move Better, Train Better, and ultimately, coach better.

TRX Education Journey


  • 8-hours of hands-on practice
  • Continuing education units
  • Comprehensive digital TRX course manual
  • Product discounts
  • An invitation to join the TRX course manual
  • 8,000 rank points
  • TRX STC as pre requisites for TRX FTC, GTC and RTC courses

Course Schedule