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REHAB Trainer

REHAB Trainer has the world’s best short courses in injury management for Fitness Professionals. Taught  by elite Sports Physiotherapists, we have one aim: to equip you to understand and deal with pain and chronic injury in your clients. The term "REHAB" is meant to imply any activity by a professional in the allied health industry (including Personal Trainer) that reduces pain and dysfunction for their client - not simply what happens after an operation, or what happens in a treatment centre by a medically trained professional.

The number one goal of the REHAB Trainer courses is to increase the confidence and competence you feel when working with clients in pain. We do this by increasing your knowledge, skills, and confidence. 

R + E+ H + A + B

  • RISK ASSESMENT of the injury or pain
  • EVALUTATION of movement patho-mechanics
  • HANDS-ON loosening procedures
  • ACTIVATION drills & techniques
  • BEGIN training

Course Schedule