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The BOSU® Balance Trainer is a valuable physical training tool. We know that if used properly it can generate incredible results for a client. But what makes for an outstanding BOSU® instructor?

A great BOSU® instructor knows how to properly sequence exercise for best benefit, how to select the most appropriate exercises for the audience, how to progress, regress, or change an exercise on the spot to help members feel most successful, and how to coach versus play follow the leader.

BOSU® Education offers several certification courses. The BOSU® Complete Workout System 8-Hour Certification is a must for any trainer that uses the Balance Trainer in their programs or any instructor that wants to incorporate the Balance Trainer into their classes.

Those instructors and trainers that have gone through the live 8-hour course demonstrate more confidence in the way they teach BOSU® exercises. There are also certification courses specifically for those who teach or train active aging population, or only work one-on-one with clients as a personal trainer.

With the right education course, trainers and instructors find that they have an unlimited library of BOSU® exercises and are confident in their ability to create the ultimate BOSU® exercise experience.

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