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2019 celebrates the launch of three new, 4-hour blocks of education. These continuing education accredited courses will be available in major markets across the U.S. and internationally, and form the foundation for new BOSU® curriculum.

The curriculum concept is that each new course builds upon previous courses. This is the “thread” that runs throughout BOSU® U, short for BOSU® University. BOSU® U is the “brand” of the professional education arm. The structure is based on having a Foundations 101 course where subsequent specialty 201, 202, etc. courses can be layered. The Foundations course will serve as the prerequisite to the specialties. It’s imperative to understand the core principles and methodologies in the 101 course before advancing into the specialties. They will build upon each other, and have logical interconnected pathways.

We’re excited to see you in a future course very soon. Together we’ll create brilliant experiences that are rooted in science, full of relevant application, and above all, FUN!

Elevate your fitness education with BOSU® U and together we will live our purpose: to bring best in class professional education experiences to the global fitness market.

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