Creating Behavior Based Programs

PTAG Creating Behavior Based Programs

Program design has been around for a long time and good fitness professionals understand how to manipulate the acute variables of training to create a scientifically periodized program.

However, for most clients in the typical training environment, this is not enough to keep them excited about training because it has no ‘personalized’ feel to it. Great fitness professionals realize the need for a far more customized approach to developing personalized programs. 

This course will show you how to marry the science of periodization with the science of human behavior to develop programs based on the client’s behavioral preferences, not just their physiological needs. Let the revolutionary Systems, Sciences, and Tools™ from PTA Global transcend your programming skills to a whole new level.


Personal Trainers looking to create more detailed periodized program based on the science of human behavioral changes.


  • Program design
  • PTA Global Program Design Module
  • Reading the program templates


  • Internationally recognized certificate from PTA Global
  • 2 CPD from REPs U.A.E


Level 3 Personal Trainer Certificate

Course Fee

AED 200

Course Schedule