Advanced Hypertrophy


  • Personal Trainers
  • Fitness Instructors
  • Fitness Physique Competitors
  • Group Exercise Instructors
  • Fitness Enthusiasts

Want to uncover the way the Pros grow, train and optimize their muscle growth throughout the year?

This 3-day course on the science of hypertrophy is your manual on how to do just that. The course builds on the concepts taught in the ASP hypertrophy level 1 and delves into more advanced protocols to maximize hypertrophy.


  • The actual physiology of hypertrophy and muscle growth
  • Advanced training variables and program design in maximizing hypertrophy
  • Advanced training protocols and effective application
  • Calories and its role in nutrition
  • Diets, dietary manipulation techniques and the practical application of nutrition
  • Hypertrophy specific nutrition and supplementation
  • Practical training and self-application


  • Internationally recognized certificate by Australian Strength Performance
  • 16 CPD from REPs U.A.E


ASP Hypertrophy Level 1

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AED 3300

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