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26 Apr 2019 - 27 Apr 2019 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Aims of the Olympic Lifting Course 

The benefit of becoming a qualified Olympic lifting coach will allow you to teach, coach, plan and educate your clients how to lift correctly. 
Many injuries are caused in the gym based around poor lifting technique. This course will teach you the fundamentals needed to identify a risk or hazard, then give you the confidence to step in and help others with the right technique and movement pattern. 
Our aim is to provide trainers and coaches with the skills and knowledge to be confident when dealing with clients who want to lift. 

Throughout the 2-day Olympic lifting coach level 2 course you will learn: 

• To become more consistent in learning advance coaching cues 
• To effectively spot bad movement patterns and to correct/advice technical olympic drills to facilitate efficient movement patterns. 
• Help you integrate Olympic lifts into your client’s strength and fitness Programs 

Learning Outcomes 

To improve your coaching and programming of olympic lifts after being equipped with the basic knowledge of anatomy, physiology and lifting techniques learned at level 1 Course.  To take your knowledge to a more advanced level by learning skills and drills to help progress the snatch and clean & jerk to a performance level. 


  • Certified Olympic lifting coach level 2
  • 13 CPD from REPs U.A.E


Level 3 Personal Trainer or equivalent and Olympic Lifting Level 1 or equivalent


Friday-Saturday - 9am-5pm

*course comes with equipment package, free online resources and free refresher courses

Course Fee

AED 1999

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