Animal Flow Advanced Flow Design

Join Mike Fitch for our new Animal Flow workshop, Advanced Flow Design, in Dubai. We’ll hold this new half-day workshop on Saturday, December 15, 2018 from 11am to 5:00pm.


Advanced Flow Design is an intense but super fun half-day workshop focused solely on helping you design and execute higher level flows. Mike will take you through:

  • Further understanding of Energy Rolls, Redirects and Brakes
  • How to strategically use tempo changes
  • When to use personal style components and flare
  • Properly integrating Animal Travels
  • Combining L1 & L2 movements
  • Mike’s all time favorite combos
  • And a few new moves


Anyone who has taken the Level 2 workshop may attend AFD. You don’t have to completed your L2 test, as long as you’ve taken the workshop so that you are familiar with the Level 2 move set. You are welcome to enroll in this workshop even if you’ve taken Level 2 the day before.


Course Fee

AED 876

Course Schedule