What Is Fitness Mindset Mastery?

All fitness professionals have their own reasons for being in the industry but the majority agrees it is our responsibility to help clients. It is our responsibility to understand our clients. We must understand why they are seeking assistance and uncover a personalized roadmap in order to help them create lasting change to improve quality of life.

Most clients present their goals to us with an outside or superficially driven goal. For example, they want to change the way they look or be able to physically perform better.

How many clients have you worked with who want to lose weight and when you dig deeper to understand why, it’s so they can feelgood, or increase their confidence. The real reason for their goals is far deeper than the aesthetics.

Many studies have shown that the more a client is emotionally charged by a goal the more likely they were to get the results. For example, take a bride or groom who is training to get into the best shape for their big day. There is an emotional drive to the end result.

Unfortunately many bride and grooms, and generally clients overall will get a great result but then fall into old habits and go back to where they started after it’s been achieved.

Lasting change comes from an ‘inside-out’approach. This is why it’s crucial for a fitness professional to be able to understand how their clients’ reality is created. Once this is known, then they are able to identify what programming needs to be done on the inside as well as the outside.

The Aims of Mindset Mastery for Fitness Professionals course is to provide fitness professionals with the skills and knowledge to work effectively with clients through behaviour change.

Throughout the 2-day Mindset Mastery Course you will learn:

  • How to build an effective relationship with clients
  • How to understand human psychology to help train clients for lasting change
  • How to identify client motivational states and levels
  • How to leverage the power of human potential
  • How to design effective habits and untangle limiting habits
  • How to identify and evaluate fitness mind-sets by understanding behavioural profiles and client types.
  • How to create a vision

By the end of the course you will understand what a fitness mindset is and how it is created. You will understand why we do what we do and what happens when we train for lasting behaviour change. You will also be able to utilize and apply new strategies with clients.


  • Mindset Mastery Certificate
  • 12 CPD from REPs U.A.E

*course comes with free online resources and free refresher courses


Course Fee

AED 1999

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