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  • Personal Trainers
  • Fitness Instructors
  • Sports Coaches
  • Anyone who who wants to learn more about applied nutrition

An Applied nutrition coach is someone who can consult and asses a person’s lifestyle and eating habits and from there help that person to plan an effective nutritional program to help them achieve their goals no matter what they are. The job of an Applied nutrition coach is to educate a person to live a better lifestyle.

This course is great for anyone interested in discovering the benefits of nutrition coaching, whether that be for your clients as a coach or as someone who wants to take their own nutrition knowledge to the next level. Whether you’re just starting out in the fitness industry, an established professional or considering moving into the health/fitness realm, you will be able to carry this information on with you and put it to good use.

  • Understanding the macronutrients and the impact they have on the body and body composition.
  • Considering micronutrients and the difference they can make to people regarding their goals.
  • Develop an understanding for basic nutrition principles and how to set up a baseline nutritional program.
  • Develop written and oral techniques for evaluating where a client is beginning and if they are prepared for behavioral change.
  • Learning how to periodise and adjust a program to allow for continuing progress.
  • Understanding different body types and how to spot hormonal imbalances to provide expert support.
  • Understanding how to get the most out of a client’s training by using meal timing to help fat loss or athletic performance.
  • Developing a program to make the most of the nutrition around the pre-and post-workout windows to maximize recovery and performance.


  • Certified Applied Nutrition Coach level 1
  • 9 CPD from REPs U.A.E



*course comes with free online resources and free refresher courses

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AED 999

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