Kamagon Certification Course


  • Personal Trainers
  • Fitness Instructors
  • Group Fitness Instructors
  • Small Group Fitness Instructors

This comprehensive hands-on course is designed to prepare instructors to successfully implement functional, integrated, total body Kamagon Ball® workouts for all levels of participants. Through practical application, experience why water is the new steel, and learn to utilize the power of water through Hydro-Inertia® technology. Feel how the unique biomechanical properties of training with destabilized weight can help transition strength gains into higher levels of functional daily activity and sports performance. Whether you instruct traditional group fitness, train small groups or work as a personal trainer, this program will enhance your coaching skills through a review of skill development and learning styles. Step into the future and get inspired by a whole new level of instability training with the Kamagon Ball®!


  • Examine the unique biomechanical constraints and kinesiology for training with the Kamagon Ball®
  • Define functional training and review eight guidelines to functional training.
  • Examine three cardinal planes of motion and their application to program design.
  • Discuss the five functional movement patterns.
  • Examine the stability/mobility relationships of the joints.
  • Study guidelines for progressing and regressing movement.
  • Examine skill acquisition, development and learning styles.
  • Define plyometric training and learn plyometric exercise definitions, classifications and the science behind the stretch-shortening cycle of muscle actions.
  • Through practical application, review all 48 exercises in the program, while learning how to coach progressions and regressions for each exercise


  • Internationally recognized certificate from Kamagon 
  • REPs U.A.E CPDs (TBC)



Course Fee

AED 1100

Course Schedule