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  • Personal Trainers
  • Physiotherapists
  • Fitness Instructors
  • Sports Coaches

Special skills are required to get pro athletes back into competition quickly and safely, and to prevent injury recurrence - skills that are often kept in-house and unavailable to the high-value social athlete or fitness enthusiast. In the elite in-house clinics and locker rooms, million-dollar contracts are at stake and sports management teams know that the right skills can easily make the difference between a slow or a quick return to sport; a one-off injury or recurrent chronic injury that threatens the career of a valuable athlete. Now you can learn these secrets, and how to customise them for the social or professional athlete or the super fit, at our new course: REHAB ELITE. 

In Rehab Elite our Senior International Rehab Trainer Educator, Australian Sports-Specialised Physiotherapist Chris Mallac brings together all his 20 years of experience with elite athletes, his own research and writing as the world-renowned Sports Injury Doctor, and his passion and effectiveness as an Educator, to this highly practical 3-day face to face course.

This exclusive course will revolutionise how you manage athletes if you are an:

1. Athletic trainer / Physiotherapist working with teams
2. CrossFit coach experienced with Movement Dysfunction
3. Strength and Conditioning coach
4. Specialised Rehab Trainer or Master Rehab Trainer with an athletic client base


  • Exit Criteria for Athletes: How do you know when the client is functionally strong and ready to go back and train/play?
  • The latest in PNF Technique and how it is extensively used in the athletic rehab world. Understanding the causative factors in overuse injuries (Chris’ famous BEETROOT formula), including the science of “Load Management”.
  • The role of Muscle Stimulators from surgery to 'fit to play’, including practical sessions to experience how they can work for injuries.
  • Understanding Optimum Function of the Pelvis and its critical and central role in high-end athletes.
  • The importance of hip rotation and ankle dorsiflexion: assessment and unique mobility techniques to improve it.
  • “Occlusion Training” - all you need to know on this exciting field and how it applies to rehabilitation.
  • Neuro-dynamics and what is safe 'nerve stretching'.
  • Extensive Case Studies , and much more...


Course Manual will be given to you on the day.


Internationally recognised certificate from REHAB Trainer

CPD's from REPs U.A.E (TBC)


REHAB Trainer Essentials Course


Course Fee

AED 4100

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