Carb Appropriate Nutrition Certification


  • Health Practitioners
  • Nutritionists
  • Sports Coaches
  • Personal Trainers
  • Athletes
  • Fitness Enthusiasts

Carb Appropriate Nutrition is a concept that allows health practitioners, coaches, trainers, athletes, and lay-people alike to understand the variability in optimal carbohydrate intake that exists between individuals, and helps them to apply this in their own pursuit of health and performance, and to help others to achieve their goals.


  • the causes and co-factors of the current obesity and metabolic syndrome epidemic
  • the scientific evidence for variation in optimal carbohydrate intake
  • what the current science tells us about how to determine ‘carb tolerance’
  • recapping the roles of macronutrients (and why that is important!)
  • the various types of diets on the ‘carb appropriate’ spectrum
  • the application of carbohydrate diets from both a ‘qualitative’ and quantitative standpoint



Session 1 - Why carb appropriate?

  • How we got here
  • Why is our modern diet ‘inappropriate’?
    •  One-size fits all
    • Too high in carbohydrate overall
    • We eat too much
    • We move too little
    • We don’t eat mindfully…
    • We’re too stressed

Session 2 - Factors affecting carb tolerance

  • Ethnogenetics: What did our ancestors eat?
  • Gender: Eating for Tarzan, eating for Jane…
  •  Metabolic state:
    •  Insulin resistance vs. insulin sensitivity
    •  Unstudied: Somatotyping
    •  Disproven: Blood type diets, metabolic ‘typing’
  • Activity: Carb intake is always activity dependent

Session 3 - What is Carb Appropriate?

  • Summary of the roles of the macronutrients, protein, carbohydrate, and fat (lipids)
  • Different diets on the Carb Appropriate Spectrum
    • Very-low carb ketogenic diets
    • Non-ketogenic Low Carb Diets
    • Moderate Carb diets
    • Higher carb diets


Session 4 - How to apply Carb Appropriate

Session 5 - Quantifying Carb Appropriate

Session 6 - General workshop, Q&A


  • Internationally recognized certificate from Holistic Performance Nutrition™
  • 12 CPD from REPs U.A.E



Course Fee

AED 1800

Course Schedule