Fundamentals of Powerbag Training

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  • Group Exercise Instructors

The Fundamentals of Powerbag Training workshop is the FIRST EVER accredited Powerbag course in the World.

The Powerbags are one of the BEST tools for teaching people essential movements. The ‘Fundamentals of Powerbag Training’ workshop is primarily focused on teaching hip, knee, and pressing mechanics.

These are essential and fundamental movement patterns that every client must learn. Too often clients are progressed too rapidly or taught incorrectly. The reason that the Powerbag is the tool of choice for establishing these movement patterns is the soft nature of the bag, the handles, the compressed load & the symmetrical load.


  • You will learn how to get clients to squat properly and what that looks like
  • Learn Hip Dominant movements such as Deadlifts, Cleans, & Snatches
  • Learn squat variations Such as Zercher, Overhead, & the Laterally Loaded Squat.
  • The Powerbag works like no other tool because it is user-friendly. It is soft, has easy to use handles and an equal load distribution
  • Finally, you will learn how to create engaging programs that get AMAZING results


  • 7 CPD from REPs U.A.E



Course Fee

AED 1100

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