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Our newly launched recruitment division has been set up to offer you exclusive bespoke services for the recruitment of fitness professionals into your facilities. We have leveraged our competitive advantage by collaborating with our award-winning education department and nurturing the talented professionals that graduate on a daily basis. 

As the leading health & fitness company here in the Middle East, MEFITPRO can help you and your business bring in the very best talent with the skills, expertise and ambition to grow your organisation.

The Importance of Recruitment

Few things can be more beneficial for a business than a sound hiring decision, and, by the same token, few things can be as expensive and counter-productive as a bad one. In a fast-changing market such as the GCC, you need employees who allow you to exploit business opportunities and overcome challenges. As the leading recruitment consultancy in the UAE, MEFITPRO can help your business by sourcing people who bring valuable skills, ideas and energy to your company.

With MEFITPRO, you will enjoy the many advantages of a managed recruitment process.


  • Rapid Access To Top International Talent
  • Time Efficient & Cost Effective
  • Industry knowledge
  • Focused on quality
  • Access to top trainers from our academy structures worldwide
  • International experience, international expertise

Working Together Since 1999

MEFITPRO is a Health and Fitness consultancy that works with companies primarily in the GCC region. Our recruitment function works with our clients to find the fitness professionals that they need to grow, develop and achieve success. Since our establishment in 1999, all of our clients have enjoyed the managed, efficient and cost-effective solutions that we provide. With our well-developed infrastructure and staff strength, we are able to assist you with recruitment needs ranging from junior trainers through to middle and senior management.

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