BOSU Specialty Certification


  • Personal Trainers
  • Fitness Instructors
  • Group Exercise Instructors
  • Small Group Trainers

Unlock the potential of the BOSU® Balance Trainer with this foundational balance training certification that combines science, practical application and over 150 BOSU® exercises and drills.

It’s a jam-packed 5-hour certification that will provide you with a toolbox full of ideas to make the BOSU® Balance Trainer more effective in your club, in your classes and with your clients. This certification takes you step by step through the BOSU® Complete Workout System, provides you with 5 full workouts that you can start using right away, and gives you a unique system to help progress, regress, or vary any exercise.


  • The science behind functional balance training
  • The components that affect balance, body equilibrium and kinesthetic awareness
  • Methods to safely and effectively challenge proprioception and balance
  • How to integrate balance with muscular strength and endurance exercises, to improve stabilization, core strength and posture
  • How to perform and teach static and dynamic movement patterns that train balance and stabilization for the core, shoulder girdle, hips and pelvis, and foot/lower leg region.
  • How to perform and teach flexibility exercises that vary from passive to static, to active and altogether challenge balance
  • Modifications and variations to make each exercise, drill or stretch easier or harder
  • Instructional techniques for both group fitness and personal training


  • Internationally recognized certificate from BOSU
  • 8 CPD from REPs U.A.E



Course Fee

AED 1100

Course Schedule